Our Crazy Little Family

Our Crazy Little Family
December 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh, Yeah! It's softball time again!

Take me out to the ball game... Take me out to the crowd...
Opening Day for Queen Creek Heat Softball

Katie's playing in the minor division again this year and loving it more than last year... much to the pure enjoyment of her mother!

It's going to get hot, but right now the weather is perfect! Good luck this season, Katie!

It's Princess time!

Katie is such a fun big sister for Cassie!

Cassie loves to dress up and Katie is willing to do it for her.

Just because I want the kids to know that we did have some fun times... for when they only remember the fighting...

Flag football in February

David, Bryce, and Jacob all started out on the same flag football team, but with Bryce's broken arm, he only got 2 games in...

That left Jacob and David to hold down the fort!

Enjoying the beautiful weather while watching the game and remembering why we live in Arizona... That memory has to last me thru the summer!

I don't know that this was David's sport, but at least he finished the season and I'm proud of him for that! Good job buddy! Undefeated! Way to go!

Man! It was sure a busy February!

Bryce's surgery on his arm was definitely painful... 2/09

But he took the pictures like a champ!

Smiling, even when he didn't feel like it... Of course, with how many drugs they had him on, he may have felt like smiling... at least right then, just not later!

Let's see how it all turned out...

Ever Wonder what pins in your arm would look like? Here it is in real life!

Pinewood Derby

OK, we all know that the Pinewood derby is just a chance for dads to build cars and then compete against each other right?

Well, Clint did a pretty good job of letting the boys be involved in the process along the way. However, it took way too much time, if you ask me... and since I'm doing the post, you are asking me and it was WAY too much time!

Bryce's finished car.

David's finished car.

Of course, the first race just had to be brother against brother and NO ONE wants to lose that one. It was too bad, but a lesson in life. The boys handled it well and had a fun night. We had about 30 boys competing in the races, so they each got to race plenty of times. Good job everyone!

David's 8th birthday

Happy 8th Birthday David! 2/24/09

This was the family party before the friend party...

Let the games begin! Steal the bacon with Seth B versus Katie... It's a matter of bragging rites!

And then there was tug of war, water balloon toss and too much more fun to even begin to explain! We're sure lucky to have a dad willing to tackle this many 8 year old boys! They had a great time eating pizza, cupcakes, soda, and just running around. Hope it was memorable, David! Sure love ya!