Our Crazy Little Family

Our Crazy Little Family
December 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Dress up

So, I've about decided that it's time for a new camera! All my pictures are coming out blurry and I don't know why. Maybe it's been dropped a few too many times. Christmas is coming... :)
Isaac decided a LONG time ago that he was going to be a dog and I told him that would be fine. I didn't know it was THIS costume that he wanted... which was way to small, but he would not be detoured.
The night before Halloween was so cold at our ward trunk or treat that we had to dress Cassie in a warm costume. I'm glad it warmed up so she could be the little ballerina.

Cassie was off to the block party. Didn't matter if anyone else was coming or not. She is giving me a lot of gray hairs!

Here are all my kids right before heading over to the neighborhood block party for hot dogs before trick or treating.

Katie decided that she wanted to be a dice this year. It was a little inconvenient to move in, but she loved the attention she got from it!

I don't have any idea where the obsession with Vampires came from this year, but Bryce and David both decided they needed to dress up like them.

David LOVED it! He wanted to know why I didn't like the "scary" things of Halloween. Rather than explain, I gave in and let him be a vampire.

Seth was determined to be Anakin Skywalker again this year. Thanks Mary for the costume!

Anyway, this year for Halloween we had a great time trick or treating, but came home with WAY too much candy. Even giving it out at the doorstep didn't even touch the amount we had. With 6 kids trick or treating, we definitely come home with more than we give out!

Fall Break Fun

For fall break this year, we decided that it was time to go camping. So, we drove about 45 minutes from our house into the mountains to find a nice place to do it. We went with Clint's sister and her family. It was a good time.
Isaac and Lawana posing for a picture while dad tried to figure out the camera.
It was at least 75+ degrees outside at this point, but Seth was so excited to wear his hoodie that he just had to put it on.

David quickly followed suit and sat right up close to the fire to stay "warm" at 75.

Katie was a huge help in gathering firewood. We can't camp without a fire, right? I mean, what would S'mores be like anyway?

And then it was off to bed. It took a little while to settle them down, but they all just love camping and were happy to be in the outdoors.

Clint and Jeff were our official breakfast makers after enough comments on how our sheep herders stew didn't measure up to "dad's".

Jeanette was the designated dishwashe... or maybe she took the job, knowing how to do it the best.

Cassie and Jenna posing for the camera... Never a dull moment with these two!

Skylar, Katie, Cassie, Jacob, Bryce, Isaac and Seth. About half way thru the hike. It was 80 something degrees so they decided it was too hot to hike.

The hiking group. Sorry it's so blurry. Jeff and Jeanette with Jenna, Logan, Skylar, Katie, Jacob, Cassie, David, Bryce, Seth, and Isaac. Wasn't very long because of the little ones, but it gave us something to do and we even found a dead rattle snake along the trail. Good thing it wasn't alive because then I would have been dead from a heart attack!