Our Crazy Little Family

Our Crazy Little Family
December 2009

Friday, July 18, 2008

Boys Basketball Camp

What form... What grace... Think we'll have the next Michael Jordan? Ok, so they're as white as they come. What they may lack in natural talent, they make up for in heart. What do you do when it's too hot to do anything else and your kids are driving each other (and you) crazy? Put them in basketball camp! It was a great experience and kept Bryce and David busy for a couple hours each day this week. Thanks HUSD!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!

Thanks for the memories. We had a great time!

And finally...my personal favorite... the crawdad fishing...

As you can see, this one was my all time favorite activity. Yuck! But the kids, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of it!

Then there's the rope swing...

Never fear... Mortensens are here!!! It took them awhile to warm up to the idea, but after they did, you couldn't slow them down.

Cliff Jumping

Ever wonder what it's like to be a Mortensen? Well, this weekend was a pretty good indication of the crazy things they do. Like cliff jumping... Let's start them out young...

4th of July fun

The 4th of July was so great! Fantastic weather... Wonderful food... and Amazing people. We love being able to spend it with family, watch a parade without withering in the summer sun and also be able to show our love for this country. God Bless the USA!

Cassie's walking!

Yes, Cassie's only 14 months old, but she's finally walking! Hooray for her and hooray for me! Talk about FREEDOM! We're both loving it.