Our Crazy Little Family

Our Crazy Little Family
December 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Triple G Week... Grammy's Gathering of Grandkids... AKA Grammy's boot camp

Most of you all know that my parents take all their grandkids for a week during the summer, so in an attempt to make you all even more jealous, I thought I would document all the things our kids get to do while they are there. My parents are pretty tired by the end of the week, but we all think it's a great opportunity.
I know that all this is totally backwards in how it happened during the week, but you all get the idea. Seth and David, (Trae and RJ) waiting for the water balloon fight after the parade.

Katie knowing she's in dangerous territory... Boys side of the yard. Bryce in the middle at the bucket.

Just because there aren't any more balloons, doesn't mean there's an end to the waterfight... especially for a Mortensen! David and Adam after the balloons were out.

Can this kid get any skinnier? Seth getting ready for the water fight.

Katie and Addi. The bigger the bucket, the harder they fall, right? :)

Don't even try to take dad on! This is what will happen if you do. You may get him a little wet, but in the end, he will always win. We try to tell the kids that, but they always need to try.

My mom always makes homemade bread and chili beans for the 4th of July, after the parade. I think she made 19 loaves this year, and yes, they were all eaten that day!

This was only the 1st wave of people who came to eat the beans and bread. Family, friends, and whoever else is hungry can come.

Our family on the 4th of July. Getting ready to see the parade. Back row: Bryce, Katie, and David, Center: Clint and Lawana, Front: Seth, Isaac and Cassie

All the grandkids from triple G week. Waiting for the parade to start.

No matter how many times we tried to bring them back from getting too close to the floats, the candy always brought them back.

Horse back riding is a must! Cassie is getting ready to go. Seth and RJ on the horse held by Aunt Alicia. Pictures are courtesy of her. 2nd year that she's been so great to help out my parents.
Katie and Cassie on the horse led by my brother Brett.

Of course, we can't forget the loving on the puppies who were at my brothers house next door. Isaac couldn't leave them alone and even slept with them. Guess we'll be getting a dog soon!

Movies in the little house on my parents property during nap time. The girls would sleep in here while the boys slept in the tent on the back yard and then the next day they would swap.

Riding quads is a DEFINITE must! The kids can't wait for this day.

Katie taking Cassie for a ride

Bryce is bigger than the motorcycle itself, but that doesn't stop him.

David taking his turn.

This is one of my favorite things they got to do. They headed up to the cemetary where most of my ancestors are buried and they talked about reverance at the cemetary and then went and found where my grand parents are buried.

This is my grandparents headstone

This is my nephew Braxton's grave. Stillborn. I love that the kids can take the time to know about him as well.

Happy 11th birthday Katie! Triple G week started out with a birthday party for Katie and my niece Addi who share the same birthday.
They decorated their own cupcakes.

We would NEVER let her sit on the table at our house... :) I don't know where she got that!

Happy Birthday Katie and Addi! Roasting marshmallows and having tinfoil dinners.

Those kids were so hungry. Cassie ate her whole dinner. This is Cassie, Seth, David and my niece Kyia.
Do you think she enjoyed it?

Smores afterward are a given. Isaac loves them!

Poppy watching the fire and the food. The kids had a great time. They always remember how much fun they had for the next year and I think it gets easier on my parents as the kids get older. Anyway, I'm sure glad my parents are willing to do this. We love them for it!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Girls Camp... Royal Princess Academy

Girls Camp was a lot of fun and these were my YCL's... don't look at me. It was a lot of days without showers.

The flags/devotional area... Princess Court

Bippity Boppity Poo room

Our class area


Ok, I don't have any pictures of this, but I want to give my 2 cents worth on this new musical. I LOVE IT! That's all I listen to these days. Clint and I went last week and I can't get enough of it. I would highly recommend it to everyone. LOVE it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Haws Reunion in June

We camped in New Mexico and then went hiking at a place called the Catwalk. Here are a couple shots from the hike. You hike to the top and there's a waterfall and river to play in. It was a beautiful hike and a fun refreshing experience at the top. This picture is before we started the hike with Katie, Cassie, Seth, My cousin Hunter, and Isaac.

Aunt Alicia and Seth

Seth and Isaac and my niece Brenli

Aunt Shamane helping Cassie on the rocks trying to get around Isaac

My kids are definitely camera shy! Isaac and Cassie and my niece Ryli

Seth ready to hike

Cassie wanted to walk, but I preferred carrying her in the backpack. We might never have made it to the top! It was a fun time. Glad we went. Bryce and David had Cub Scout Day Camp, so Clint stayed home with them.

May trip up to Utah

Uncle Ryan graduated from U of U, so I took the oldest 3 kids (Katie, Bryce, and David) up to Utah to watch. The ceremony was pretty long and boring for kids this age, but it's never to early to integrate them with the importance of education and of course, (BYU, BYU, BYU!)

Aunt Dorie is always the greatest! She took a day out of her very busy life to help me take the kids on tour of BYU. This was at the Dinosaur museum right across from the stadium.

Even though the stadium wasn't open, they let us in to show the kids the amazing stadium and really feel the spirit of BYU football! Go Cougs!

Then of course, we had to take photo op every chance we could... I intend to get these printed to put in their rooms. (BYU! BYU!)

We also visited the Provo temple and drove by the MTC, since it was on our way. (Mission, Mission)
I know you can't tell all the subliminal messages I'm sending my kids, but all in all it was a great trip. Made me see how fun it can be as your kids get older and can appreciate some of the finer things in life!