Our Crazy Little Family

Our Crazy Little Family
December 2009

Friday, May 28, 2010

May... The crazy month of softball, piano recitals, graduation and anything else we can fit in!

Uncle Brett has finally graduated from High School! He may not look happy in this picture but my camera wasn't working and the tribes were restless.

We had some really nice weather for watching Katie's softball games. This one just went a little long... 10:30 p.m.! (Bryce)

Trying to keep a 3 year old happy when it's that late is a little tricky, so we took a lot of pictures that night! (cassie)

Katie had to take a bathroom break from the game.

Seth's piano recital was fun. It's great to watch how much he grows every year.

The greatest piano teacher! Thanks Lisa!

Happy 3rd bday Cassie

I can not believe it! My baby has turned 3! And yes, we are in the middle of those "tragic threes" but at least for this day and this picture, she's happy. Birthday breakfast of pancakes... with candles, of course!
So, these may look like Birthday brownies, but don't be fooled. It is browine "cake". In other words, I wanted brownies but she wanted cake so this is the result.
Time for gifts! She loves dolls and dress up. A girl in every sense of the word.

Oh, the joys of watching the attention be on a sibling... Happy birthday Cassie!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Gila Valley Temple

We had the chance to head to the Gila Valley temple open house this weekend. We wanted our kids to go thru it before it was dedicated.

Other than a cranky daughter, who wouldn't look at the camera, (not naming names, but you can see who it is...) it was a beautiful experience.

It's not every day that a new temple opens and one that is so close so we drove to Pima, stayed overnight with my brother and sister in law (thanks guys!) and then got to see the temple on Saturday.

We really are grateful for the blessings that temples bring into our lives. We can't wait for the dedication and that our 3 oldest can be a part of that!

So you had a bad day???

Cassie sure did... and this is a picture of it 3 day later! She decided to ride her bike under the trampoline and Isaac decided to not quit jumping...

The result was a disasterous bruise... and a broken nose??? What do you think?

She didn't let us put ice on it for very long and so the swelling has been terrible.

She sounds like she has a stuffy nose which I'm sure will go down as the swelling does. It has not been fun...

A Day at the park... before it heats up!

So, before things get too hot around here and I'm really hating life, I decided that I should take the kids to the park. Actually, I like to do it because it gives me reading time, but the kids don't know that!

After Cassie's broken nose...

This pose didn't last long. Doesn't Cassie almost look in pain?

Took Jenna and Logan with us this time. It give both Cassie and Isaac someone else to fight, I mean, play with.

We love digging in the wood chips... especially when they are someone else's toys!

I just needed proof that I do sometimes let my kids out of the house... Just in case they ever wondered!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Isaac's preschool graduation

I sure am going to miss this kid when he goes to Kindergarten next year...

Welcome to our presentation. We're so glad you came.

Talking about my favorite book, Chicka chicka boom boom.

Me with my teacher Mrs. Dieu.

The best part of the whole show... dessert! He loved being able to just sit at the table and eat as much as he wanted. I eventually had to drag him away with just a brownie, chocolate chip cookie, package of Buddy Bars and a package of pop tarts in his hands.

Easter time fun!

Easter is always a low key, but fun time of year. I love the spring time around here. Beautiful weather, allergies, and kids who love candy. Life just doesn't get better than this!
David hates his cast, but still managed a smile for the camera.

Seth, Bryce and Katie trying to find the special egg... (the one with the money in it!)

Isaac found the beginning treats from the Easter bunny and is headed out for the eggs. I refuse to be too told I'm too old to hunt for easter eggs! Katie was not to be left out!

Bryce taking a time out to smile for the camera.

It's a little tough to hunt for eggs on crutches but David did not let his broken foot slow him down any!

First we go for quantity, then we'll try to actually find some eggs... Cassie, Isaac and Seth.

Seth's got it all figured out. Go where no one else is.

It's a race to get the egg... Isaac versus Tiny. Guess who won???

Imitating the easter bunny or what? Ok, well, maybe they just were in the Easter spirit for bunny ears. Either way, one more fun holiday with lots of candy down. Time to focus on the true meaning of the holiday...