Our Crazy Little Family

Our Crazy Little Family
December 2009

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mortensen Family trip to California... July

We had a really fun week with the entire Mortensen Family in California. We stayed in Oceanside, but ventured to all the tourist-y spots in southern California as well.
This was a really early morning start at Sea World. The weather was a little chilly that morning, but ended up perfect the rest of the day!

Waiting for all the "big kids" to come down from the Journey to Atlantis ride. Does Cassie look like it's been a long day by this point?

Isaac just loved every minute of whatever he was doing. Touching a sea star.

David trying to touch the rays as they swim by.

Katie and Bryce as they got the special tour with the dolphins.

If you're going to be tourists, it's a must stop at Disneyland... plus we had to use our volunteer passes! Thanks Disney!

I took the little ones with me for most of the morning, but once Isaac found the bigger roller coasters, he had no more use for me, Cassie, or the tea cups!

I really love having the little ones while Clint gets the adreneline rushes. What am I going to do when they are all grown up???

We were shooting for another ride on the tea cups in between some of the other rides. These made me sick, but Katie loved it!

Wearing yellow helped to be able to find those kids who seemed to wander.

Cassie was just minding her own business, when a wave had the nerve of toppling her over! It didn't stop her for long, but it was sure funny for awhile... even if she didn't think so!

Sundays on vacation are a little tough, so after church, a trip to the San Diego temple, and lunch, we took a walk thru the jungles of California, just to end at a park. Bryce and Isaac swinging.

This is the jungle we hiked thru!

Family pictures on the beach.

The whole family on the beach in Oceanside. Thanks to mom and dad Mortensen for making this fun family memory possible!

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